19 February 2015

vintage musings: Catherine Spaak










Catherine Spaak. Probably my best unknown muse. She’s been such a huge inspiration for me. She is cool, cute, sexy, classy, innocent, mysterious… All in one not so outstanding package. I mean, that is what I love about her, how subtle all those qualities come across. She is no sex bomb and she is no girl next door, she is something in between; something… almost normal and still almost iconic. A sexy kitten.

From a Belgium family, born in France, Catherine made a carrier in Italy. Actress, singer, model, wife, mother. Everything happened to her in her teens. What a busy and intense time that must have been. I believe little is known of her outside Italy/France and I feel her films are hard to find (oh yeah, forget about subtitles, lucky for me I understand about 70% italian, hihi).

Who is your vintage muse?

13 February 2015

Review: Kate Real Create Eyes BR-2

photo 1
photo 2
photo 3

Brand: Kate
Product: BR-2
Would I repurchase: Yes

As you can see by the pictures, I do use this quite a bit. It is my to go to “japanese makeup” eyeshadow. It is lovely. The colours glow, not the glittery type, so it is perfect for a day/office look. Nothing innovative about the colours, I always stick to golds and browns. I like it and would buy more if in Japan.

11 February 2015

四月物語 April Story 松たか子












April Story is the cutest Iwai Shunji film. I re-watch this every year as it is only 1 hour long! A very simple story about a Hokkaido girl who enters a Tokyo University to be near of her high school crush. Such a lovely film work. Spring depicted at its best, all cherry blossoms and sunshine. How sweet it is to be in love during Spring.

I watched this as part of my winter blues fighting project, haha. I miss Spring!

30 January 2015

Winter Blues


60’s cord coat  etsy
tights can’t remember…
shoes  topshop

This is my everyday coat. The colour helps me beat the Winter blues a bit. I can’t bear to wear a black coat in Winter, just seeing people’s dark clothes when commuting everyday depresses me a little. Yes, I am suffering from Winter blues… I keep dreaming of Spring, sunshine, flowers blooming, short sleeves and pastel colours. Can’t wait!! Any tips on how to beat this feeling? I’ve been following all the recommendations (activities, healthy eating, keep warm, etc.) but its the same. Can’t wait for summer!

28 January 2015

review: Canmake Cream Cheek #13

photo 1
photo 2
photo 4
Brand: Canmake
Product: Cream Cheek 13 (Love Peach)
Features: With natural emollients that prevent skin from drying out while nourishing and conditioning 
Would I repurchase: Yes

This is a baby pink melting gel-type formulation blush that dries once you apply it on the skin. The colour is lovely, perfect for a natural look or buildable for a sweet look. I like to wear it on “no make-up” days for a touch of colour. I do use it often, I’m reaching pan! On me it lasts a whole working day. It's an innocent and sweet blush, I would repurchase if in Japan again as it is so cheap there, but I would not pay the price online shops are charging (£10? this stuff is tiny!). I want to get one of the clear versions for a natural glow.