21 August 2014

佐々木希メイク - Nozomi Sasaki inspired makeup tutorial

The most popular post I have written on this blog is, surprisingly enough, about Nozomi Sasaki. A very simple thing where I wrote a bit about why I like her, posted some scans and a make up tutorial. I did not expect this to be much of anything, but 3 years after it has been written this post still has daily visits. I guess there’s just not that much about Nozomi Sasaki info in English around the internet? A quick Google search “nozomi sasaki makeup tutorial” shows my post as the 5th link, which is really surprising.

So I’ve decided to put some more info out there on Nozomi’s type of makeup. But first and foremost! this is not a tutorial on how to look like her. I am not Asian, so it would be pointless to try. This is just how I did my makeup while inspired by Nozomi. That’s it. It was fun to dig into products I haven’t used in a while and try something different from my usual makeup. I based my choices on the old magazine tutorial, I know Nozomi’s makeup as changed a bit since then to a more natural mature look, but that’s a look I already wear everyday and therefore not as fun to try.

It turned out to be a very natural/cute look, very typical Japanese and easy to achieve.

Products used:
- Paul & Joe Creamy Matte foundation
- Priori Mineral Powder foundation
- Majolica Majorca “Jeweling Eyes” eye shadow #pk722
- Canmake “Perfect Stylist Eyes” eye shadow #02
- Kate “Real Create Eyes” eye shadow #br-2
- Rimmel London “Exaggerate” waterproof eye definer #26
- Maybelline “Line definer” liquid eyeliner #black
- Estee Lauder “Double Wear” mascara #black
- Dolly Wink eyebrow pencil #02
- Dolly Wink eyebrow mascara #03
- N7 “Natural Blush Tint Powder” #cool pink
- Bourjois “Illuminating Touch” #96
- Anna Sui lip gloss #308 (this is actually the same lip gloss I’ve seen in two of Nozomi’s magazine tutorials)
(there’s two products I included in the photo bellow but didn’t actually use, they are the dolly wink pencil liner and the art deco eyebrow powder)

  1 2

1. Choose your products and tools. 2. Start with a clean moist face. I also spray my face with a moisturizing mist. 3. To achieve the flawless skin look, I apply the Paul & Joe foundation with a beauty blender. This foundation can be a bit tricky until you get the hang of it, I recommend a very well moisturized base before application. I then apply the Priori powder foundation with a kabuki brush to set it. I find this works better than a setting powder for a healthy glow vs. matte mask effect. I skip concealer as these foundations give me a good coverage.

3 4 5

4. I apply the golden eye shadow of the Majolica Majorca quartet to my lid up to the eyebrow arch. 5. I chose the lightest beige shade of the Canmake eye shadow for the tear line. 6. I then apply the coral shadow of the Kate palette to the upper lid up to the crease & the darkest brown shadow of the same palette along the lashes, like an eyeliner. I also apply the dark shadow on the outer corner of the eye and a tiny bit along the lower lashes.

6 7 8

7. I create a very fine line, as close to the eyelashes as possible, with the black pencil. I do the same with the liquid liner, Nozomi always wears a very thin line, with a downwards short flick . I go through it with the Kate dark brown shadow to smudge the line a bit and create a more soft eyeliner.  8. To fill in the eyebrows I go for Dolly Wink’s pencil & mascara. 9. I apply the N7 pink blush to the apples of the cheeks in a upwards motion and smooth the Bourjois highlighter above the blush and into the brow bone and T-zone. I skip contour because I dread it.

9 10 11

10. Last step. I pat the beauty blender on my lips, using the rest of the foundation as a lip concealer, and follow with the Anna Sui lip gloss. This gloss as a rose fragrance, so nice. 11. Finished result!

1 12 img-62

Before & after comparison.
It is a cute and simple everyday look, imo. Too sweet for me at the moment though!
As I said in the beginning, I look nothing like Nozomi and I am not trying to, I am just experimenting the same makeup method used in the tutorial with similar products.

18 August 2014

Portugal – Holidays in Lisbon

 photo 2 (2) photo

photo 1 photo 2

photo 2 (3) photo 1 (3)

photo 4 photo 1 (2)

photo 3 (2) photo 3

Love Lisbon. So much.
I get very sentimental about Lisbon.
And yes, we eat snails as well, but we don’t call them escargot.

13 August 2014

Italy - Holidays in Pisa

10612776_10203750932547524_2288155592925395186_n 10613011_10203750934187565_198042300615422190_n

10547457_10203750934747579_7252717744171282824_n 10534205_10203750935387595_3690744717857149214_n

10404351_10203750939427696_1957469107809707313_n 1471911_10203750938027661_5186554061501242816_n 

1656252_10203750948387920_5027149955120859081_n 10392459_10203750951307993_8182461744189392739_n

Just returned from a relaxing holiday in Pisa, Italy. It was a much needed break from busy London and a bit of return to basics. The sun, the sea, the grass, the blue sky. Nothing else. We are very lucky to have friends in Pisa who received us with open arms in their beautiful-out-of-a-magazine-photo-shoot house. I now got a golden tan to show off and a dozen mosquito bites to heal.

I feel the happiest while travelling and hope we can visit Pisa again sometime, or other parts of Italy, one of my favourite places to visit. I am already planning my next holiday, the destination is still to be confirmed, haha. And I am yet to post pictures from my trip to Lisbon last June… So many holidays this year, happy happy!