31 January 2011



Just a quick one before I go to sleep to share how beautiful Ena Matsumoto is! hahaha

She recently did a challenge, 100 blog posts in 1 day and I was like "OMG that's so picture heavy, niceeeeee"

Got to love her.

get items @ Topshop


Earlier this week I did some shopping at Topshop. God, I love that shop so much that it will ruin my economic life.

So this is what I got!

Oversized coat, black long top and baggy shirt. When I saw that coat for the first time it was love at first sight. I tried to forget about it, but I just couldn't resist. I managed to wear it already once, but then the cold came back again so I put it on the side for when Spring comes...

Couple coordinates. I really love the silhouette that the coat gives, it makes my back look straight (I have horrible posture problems -_-;) and it suits so fine. I bought it 1 size big, I am a size 6 but got this one on size 8, to give more of the oversized look, but maybe I should have bought 2 sizes up? hmm... Anyways, I really really really love it!

And a couple of close up pictures of how I look recently.

Took this one after work, on topshop's changing room, hence the tired look... Quite natural make up, just foundation, concealer, bit of blush, some eye shadow and mascara. I'm wearing circle lens (obviously), big series in black from Meigoshop.

And here I'm full make up on. Foundation, concealer, powder, etc... Except fake lashes, I never tried them before, don't know why, just feel like they're too much time consuming. Wearing a coral lipstick! Can't wait for spring/summer to come! Also contacts are GEO World in brown, again from meigoshop.

Those are the contacts that I wear on a daily basis, the Big in black are more comfortable. I got used to the Geo ones already, although by the end of the day my eyes are quite dry and reddish. The first day was the worst one, no matter how many times I put drops on them, my eyes were irritated and red. I didn't have the same problem with the Geo Wing ones though, those were pretty comfortable.

I have short eye sight so being able to wear these contacts for a whole day is an issue here.

And that is it for now!
I still need to post about my Emoda gets.
And maybe soon I will talk about make up, while I'm not an expert, I like to try many things so I want to share a bit of what I learned from some products. But no make up tutorials I promise, haha.

26 January 2011

Nozomi Sasaki

Good evening!

Recently I developed this little obsession for Sasaki Nozomi after watching the film "Tenshi no Koi" (aka "my rainy days").

She is absolutely stunning in this. I already knew her as a model for Pinky and now Non-no, but never gave her much credit for beauty. This was the first time I saw her acting and I thought she was good enough, definitely expecting to see more from her.

But what stunned me the most was how beautiful she is. And I am looking right now at the film's photobook and can't find a picture to express how amazing this girl is. I guess she's one of those who look better in motion. That would explain why I never paid much attention to her while reading pinky.

And her make up! Although quite natural, it's still there and looks so cute and pretty!! I want to try it sooooooo badly! So I searched and searched and found out what I believe to be an honest example of what she is wearing.

The first image is from the film's photobook, we can see lots of Anna Sui products and some MAC here and there. But that on its own would mean nothing, they could just have put the items there for the photo only, it didn't mean they actually used them. But I did notice that Anna Sui and MAC were 2 of the 3 credited brands in the film.

The other 2 scans are from Nozomi's photobook "Non"! Now here we are sure about the products ans shades, a real tutorial! Yay, haha. I don't care about the Giorgio Armani foundation, I'm very happy with my YSL one. For the eyes, it is very easy to find those shades of brown, so I will ignore the brands again and go with what I've got. Now it gets more interesting! Face she uses Tsubasa's loose powder, Nars blush (I have it!) and MAC contour (mineralize skin finish - natural medium deep, if you're wondering :P). The highlighter is Chanel, but I don't think I have ever seen it before... For the lips, candydoll lip concealer and Anna Sui's Sui lip gloss (#308). I was dying to know which lip gloss she wore in the film that made her lips look so pouty and cute, haha. I searched for reviews and it seems to be quite a nice one, with a rose scent and non sticky. I have to confess that I am always tempted to buy lip glosses and end up never using them, either cuz they are sticky or cuz they don't seem to look good with my skin tone (or make up) or cuz they are too shiny/glittery... But I have high hopes for this one, so I bought it (£16, quite expensive for a lip gloss, no?), it will be my first Anna Sui product!

I could keep posting Nozomi's pictures of her cuteness forever, haha.

On other news, it's getting really could again here in London... I'm so sick of this weather, the grey sky is making me so depressed. Everyday no sunshine... I wish for summer! A girl can only dream. So many brands are already full of new S/S season collection, I want to buy, i really do! But then it just sounds ridiculous when outside is 3ºC and I will only be able to wear the clothes in 4 months!! booo T_T

Oh, btw, Nozomi is also a bit of a role model, while being thin, she isn't totally skinny. She is almost same height as me, 168cm (I'm 169cm^^) and her weight is 50kg, hence her very nice curves ;) So I will think of her while trying to gain weight!!


Hello hello

This week I started a new food regime.

For more than a year now, I haven't been able to put on weight. I lost weight gradually during 2009/2010, going from 55kg to 45kg... I didn't do any diet, I don't have any eating disorder either. At the beginning I think it might have been stress, so no matter what how much I ate, I didn't seem to gain any weight. Then, I had quite a hard time after finding my self jobless for a while, which was more on the depressing side. And then finally at my current job I just work too much, maximum 14 hours a day, usually 11 hours day... During all this time I kept eating normally, I didn't feel any difference until I realised most of my jeans and skirts were way too big for me and it wasn't because the clothes had stretched. I also realized that the amount of food I ate was smaller, maybe my stomach got smaller?? I don't even know if that is possible, haha.

Anyways, I knew I was underweight, but I never gave it too much thought. Basically because I eat just the same amount has my colleagues, so I am eating normal! I didn't see any problem in being skinny as long as I knew I wasn't doing anything to damage my health. But... After getting to 45kg I was really scared, I just kept losing weight without any reason! And recently I started thinking about the Summer and how unattractive it is to have my skinny bones sticking out of my skin... If I talk to people about it, the usual response is the same "eat more!", but I do eat a lot, loads of calorie filled stuff, cuz I never cared about calories. It makes me a bit down that people don't seem to understand that I keep losing weight despite eating the same as them...

So I decided to start my diet to gain weight! I read as much as possible on the web about the matter, cuz I don't like going to doctors at all... So apparently the waist size is more important to determine how vulnerable you are to heart diseases than BMI. I'm 169cm and right now I'm 47kg, so my BMI is 16, which means that I am underweight. The waist size, just under the bone and above the hips, should be smaller than your hips size. But mine is bigger... So all in all, comparing these too results I am more likely to develop weak bones, absent periods (yes, it happened before), iron deficiency, heart disease, diabetes, cancer... Isn't it scary??!

Finally, after more than an year, I decided to seriously start gaining weight! Let's say it's my new year's resolution, hehe. I'm struggling to find healthy ways of doing so, actually. I shouldn't just get myself full of junk food everyday... Potatoes and bread are a good alternative. And I just discovered that apples make you hungry! I can't believe I spent 23 years without knowing that XD
I will start my day with an apple, then have some toast or sandwich for breakfast. As I get full very quickly, I guess it's better to distribute my meals during the day, easting maybe 5 meals per day, even not big quantity. I always take my vitamins in the morning, so I will keep that. Also some exercise is good, of course. Especially running and bicycle, which will make you more hungry and stronger. Forget about aerobics, that's just gonna keep you losing weight.

That's all for now. I'm targeting at least 49kg, 50kg would be good. So I will try this out for one month. If I don't see any improvement, not even gained 1 miserable kg, then I will see the doctors... Cuz there's also the possibility of overactive thyroid gland, but let's not think about it now!^^; I will update results every week (I hope!).

Actually today I really wanted to talk about how I am so into Nozomi Sasaki recently, but somehow I just ended up writing loads about my weight matter, so I will leave it for a next time.

Good night!

24 January 2011


Good evening!

Just created this blog but couldn't help myself from posting more!

I check Ena Matsumoto's (Emoda producer) ameba religiously every day, actually more than once a day, since she posts quite a few times during the day. So I keep up to date to all the news concerning Emoda and stuff, I absolutely love Ena. She's amazing, a truly inspiration to me. Her style is just fabulous in every single way. Of course many things only work on her and I wouldn't dare to try it myself (eg. orange hair... i wish it would look fab on me, but, I know it wouldn't work...), but usually I try to follow her fashion sense. Sure, many things she "copies" from Chanel and other famous brands, but combined with everything else she creates her own style. The thing that amazes me about Ena is that she is truly a fashion leader, along side with Momoko (Murua's producer), she decides what Mode style should be, she plays with it and creates it her own way. She is leading all the gals into what she decides Mode style should be. And she managed to come to this point all the way from nothing! She's like a role model, seriously. Creating her own brand, her own take on what Mode should be.

I always remember very clearly what she said in an interview for JJ. The question was something like, what made Emoda so popular, and Ena replied very honestly in her strong Kansai accent "Because I made everyone like Ena. I made Ena show up everywhere, magazines, events, CM, and made everyone like Ena". Yes, I should guess that no one would come to be in such a position without loving herself A LOT! But! This is what I mean, if you don't believe in yourself and love yourself, no one will. And she is the perfect example of that. She's very confident in herself, but also very honest, so how can you hate her? hahaha

Seeing her evolution of course there's some phases that I didn't like so much, like when she had a blond bob and a tan, totally didn't suit her, but I think she keeps progressing in her style. Love seeing her evolution!

Anywayyyy, she is gorgeous!! I love love love her! And can only dream of one day meeting her in person to confirm how beautiful and flawless she is (and beg her to let me be her slave! haha).

Oh, and if anyone is wondering about what MODE gyaru is, then Mitsu wrote a nice blog entry about it here (sorry, I'm too lazy to make a direct link, I will just do copy/paste):


That's all for today. Just a little introduction to my muse.

See you!

this is me


My name is Firipa and this is my new blog.
Don't know if anyone is going to read this or cares, but lately I started to miss having an English blog where I can write more comfortably. I am not a English native speaker, although I reside in the UK, so please overlook my mistakes. I will try to improve,one of the main reason to create this little blog.

Let me do a small introduction to what you can expect from this blog.
In this blog I plan to write honestly about my daily life, happiness and stress, interests, hobbies, obsessions, hates, etc... But mainly it will all go around Japanese culture as I've been heavily into it for more than 10 years already. Now you may call me japanese wannabe or whatever, but It's really interesting actually, I never thought of myself as a japanese wannabe, I just got into Japan and it evolved from there to several different aspects of it's culture. I went from "otaku", to music lover, to drama addict and finally fashion inspired. I don't know, I am not trying to be japanese, despite wearing japanese brands, watching japanese tv shows, having a japanese boyfriend, working in a japanese restaurant and DJing japanese music... wait, it didn't sound quite right, did it? :P now, seriously, I am not. I just like the style and whatnot. If I was really into american culture, fashion, music, tv, would anyone call me an american wannabe?? Thought so. So let's get this point out of the way and move on :)

Sooooo, yeah, I live in the big city which is London. Almost 3 years now!! An eternity, haha.
My days are spent at work, I work a lot but I will start cutting on the hours starting from next week, so hopefully I will have more time for this blog.
I have a japanese blog on ameba, which I mainly use to post outfits pictures and follow other peoples blogs. My japanese fails, so many times I don't post what I've been up to or stuff I find interesting, which sucks. And that's what this blog is for!

ok ok, too long introduction and I haven't said much of value.
things to expect here:

1. outfit pictures
2. information about my favorite brands
3. pictures and videos that inspire me
4. random ramblings about my life

Things that I like about Japan:

- Gyaru fashion, particularly Emoda
- Ena Matsumoto, she's my muse
- 70's & 80's music, I collect vinyl records
- dramas, I watch loads
- films, I do love them
- photography
- make up
- Masami Nagasawa, do love her

Justificar completamente
I guess that's it. If anyone reads this, thank you for reading, if not, I will still enjoy writing my soul out, ahahaha.

Until my next post!