30 October 2014

mini 3 Concept Eyes makeup Haul

Yes, I followed the craze and got myself a few 3 Concept Eyes products. I purchased them at Yesstyle.
1. 3CE Skin Tone Control Primer
I got the # Ice Vanilla colour to correct my red undertones and make my foundation last longer. This did nothing for me. The texture is hard to blend, even with a foundation brush, and I don’t like the way it sits on the skin. It did not help even one bit to maintain my foundation in place. I would not recommend this product, it was a total waste of money. I have since found a much better primer than this at a 1/3 of the price that I might review later.
2. 3CE Liquid Foundation
Got mine in # Ivory Beige. I was dying to try this because I was craving the dewy healthy look. The foundation smells fruity, which I like, almost reminds me a hair conditioner I used to use. It is easy to blend and, although the colour range is very limited, this looks alright on me. It does not cover redness around my nose area, so a concealer must be used. If you have problem skin I doubt this would do anything for you. It gives a very nice dewy finish. I set it with loose powder, however by midday I can see my nose shine! Not a dewy healthy glow, but a oily shine! In the evening, by the time I get home from work, I cannot wait to wash this layer of oil out of my skin. I’ve tried this on different days with different weathers and different powders and primers, but the result is the same. Very disappointed…
3. 3CE Full Cover Concealer
Love this! I got mine in #002, it is a lighter than my skin tone, and I use it daily. It covers my quite purple-ish under eye circles and whatever blemishes I might have. Cannot go without it and would recommend it.
4. 3CE Face Glow
This is a nice alternative to get a dewy look with my regular foundation. I got it in the # Bondi Beach shade. Lovely golden toned, looks very natural when mixed with foundation prior to application, and used again as a highlighter after applying foundation for that extra gold. I don’t use it everyday, but it’s perfect for a party or a night out.

Hyped as it is, I don’t think I will purchase more products from this brand. The concealer was a really nice surprise and thank god for that, otherwise I would feel like a total loser for spending money on stuff I won’t even be able to use. It is an affordable brand nonetheless and if you got the ££s, go ahead and give it a go. If you are on tight budget, I would say skip it, it isn’t worth wall the craze.

22 October 2014


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Autumn is my favourite season. I love the golden and orange tones on the trees, it inspires me to wear such colours myself. Which in turn leads me to a more 70s vibe and I enjoy it!
I was yet to post photos of the area we live in, and what a better time to start than Autumn? It looks beautiful around here.
I might even take pictures of the cemetery for Halloween. At the moment I am reading “The Shining” to get in the mood for the season, and again, I’m feeling the 70s vibe getting to me.

19 October 2014




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Everything I’m wearing is Vintage from Etsy

Last week, after a quick stop at Hole in the Wall, we’ve been to Crossfire @229 and I actually remembered to take pictures of what I was wearing. It was a fun night and we ended up staying until 5 am, which I believe is the latest I’ve ever stayed in this venue. Lots of familiar faces dancing around. Usually we spend most of the night in the Boogaloo room (aka RnB room), but I must say this time it was below my expectations… So we ended up staying and dancing in the Soul room for most of the night. Good chance to copy some moves from the amazing Northern Soul dancers there. We are not into what we call “white” 60’s music (garage, psych, etc) so we didn’t even venture into the Beat room, not even to take a peak. It was a decent night, full of Northern Soul, but I hope they change the RnB DJ’s for next time cause that’s the type of music we enjoy the most!

Anyways, if you’re into 60’s you must go to Crossfire. Enough said.