28 February 2011



Just realized it's been the longest time since my last entry, but I didn't feel like it has been that long at all... I've been so busy at work and then there was a fashion show and my friend's leaving back to Japan. This weekend I was finally able to rest and sleep as long as I want. I haven't even had a day off together with my boyfriend for like 3 weeks already... Of course we live together and all, but it makes me miss him -_-;

OK, so the runway channel has been promoting this JJ competion called Osha-P (short for oshare-p, which means stylish/fashionable person). From what I could understand, the winner will be able to participate in a fashion show and have her own brand debut! Sounds really big, no?

Here are 3 videos.

I love that Ena Matsumoto is there giving her point of view, since she is the best example of a osha-p! haha

I always thought her charm works better on video than on pics, so I just fell in love with her again after watching these XD It's been a bit boring to check her blog lately...

The girls are so cute! And I must say I absolutely agree with the chosen 3.

You can check more on the Osha-P website.

09 February 2011

Inspired by Murua's Momoko


I'm so sleepy today -_-;
Tomorrow our friend is arriving from Japan to stay with us for 4 to 5 days. So I did all the cleaning and laundry and stuff like this...

Emoda as been letting me down recently... Nothing really appeals to me, there's nothing special, it's just more and more knits and the same looking hats... I'm quite disapointed to be honest.

On the other hand, Murua has been gaining some points. For me Emoda was always about Ena Matsumoto and how awesome and gorgeous she is. I thought Momoko was atractive, but not really my cup of tea, so I never really bothered to check Murua deeply, just a quick view on the webshop. I know this is not related, but I always think Momoko looks like she's 30+, when in reality she's 26 or 27, hahaha. Maybe it's the heavy make up? XD
Yes, I'm that shallow that I let the brand's image person influence me so much!


Here are some outfits that I've been eyeing recently.

05 February 2011

Retro Girly

Hello hello~

Seems that for SS 2011 retro girly is going to be big! Titty&Co have really cute things! I know I am an Emoda and mode devotee, but seeing Titty&Co and Dazzlin's new collections my heart melt with "awww that's sooooo cute!".

Especially I've been loving Rumikon's (dazzlin's designer) blog. She posts the cutest coordinates ever!! And it looks so simple to achieve! And that's what I'm here to share, hehe.

All pictures from Rumi-kon.

03 February 2011


Ok, so I said I was going to blog again tonight, and u know what? It was almost impossible.
While I was taking bath my honey texted me about going to this Japanese music party for free, he had managed to put us on the guest list. I didn't really want to go, as I was so relaxed in the bath and ready to go to bed afterwards, but... But! I know he wanted to go and I was a bit curious to see what kind of place was it, so I ended up getting dressed and make up to go.

Being a japanese vintage music DJ myself, I am a bit conceited, which is horrible, I know, but I can't help it. I am a japanese music otaku, so most times I think i know better... Noooooo, everyone who reads this is going to hate me... Well, as soon as I walked in the bar I immediately felt uncomfortable, heavy rock music playing, horrible and smelly people dancing, what a scene. On another room there was a karaoke box, the music was standable in there, but it was f*cking hot in there! So there wasn't much to choose from.

We managed to stand it for 2 hours and came back home. As a free party, it was interesting, but wouldn't do it again. As a £7 entrance fee party, I would be highly disappointed and would think about asking my money back. I was quite surprised buy the number of weird japanese people in there though, I thought the majority would be gaijin, to be honest.

Moving on... I want to post some recent coordinates, I always seem to forget to take pictures before going to work, so I don't have many outfits to share.

This one's from Monday.
Everything from Topshop.

This is what I wore today.

Beanie ... Emoda
Cardigan ... H&M
OP ... Topshop
Leggings ... Topshop
Trainers ... Topshop

Coat ... Topshop

And a close up from Monday cuz you couldn't see the turban in the other one.

Heavy camwhore post today! I'm so so sorry, ahahaha

On other news, I managed to gain 1kg in a week! Yay!! I hope I can keep this. I am being a good girl and having 5 meals a day, full of friendly calories, hehe.

Ok ok, until the next post, I have to work whole day tomorrow -_-;
See youuuuu~~

02 February 2011

get items @ EMODA


In the beginning of the sales season in Emoda I got 3 items! I used a new shopping service, Japonica Market, that seems less expensive than others and had good reviews. Well, I have a few complaints... With other shopping services I used to purchase goods from Japan it seems that the usual time to dispatch the goods from the shop to the buyer's home in Tokyo its about 3 days. I know its sales and after new year's so the mail might be slower than usual, so 1 week passed until I got news that my items had arrived to their office. I paid the shipping cost on the same day they sent me the invoice. 8 days passed and no sign of my items. I chose EMS shipping, which is super fast and always takes less than 5 days (usually 4) from Japan to London, so I grew a bit concerned. I emailed them asking for the tracking number and was very surprised when they replied me that they didn't notice I paid cuz they didn't receive the paypal email confirmation... So my package was still in Tokyo... Well, they shipped it on the same day and I got it after 4 days. So all in all it was a process that took from the 3rd of Jan to the 24th of Jan. Way too long if you ask me! But I want to believe it was just my bad luck, because I read lots of reviews and no one complained about it. It was just one of those things that happen, I guess...

Anyways, here's what I bought!

The thing I love about Emoda clothes is the quality of the fabric! They're always so soft and comfortable! I always want to wear them everyday. So what's better than being fashionable and comfortable? I love it. So in total right now I own 5 Emoda tops, 1 coat and 1 hat. I wish I could afford more, seriously.

I have so many things I want to blog about, it's ridiculous! XD
But right now I am going to take a nice hot bath, before my honey gets home for dinner.
I will probably blog again later!