27 March 2011

Japan need us

On March 11, as most people know, there was a terrible earthquake followed by tsunami in the north of Japan.

I was devastated by the news, pictures and videos that reached us through various sources. I didn't want to believe what was happening, it couldn't be true, such a terrible, cruel thing... But it was happening and news just kept getting worse and worse by the fear of radiation from the nuclear plants. Images would just break my heart, knowing there is very little that I can do to help.

At the same time I was relieved to know that all my friends were safe. Lucky that my boyfriend's family is from the Kansai area and didn't suffer any damage. While feeling helpless by the destruction. I donated, spread the word, shared links and motivated people to help. One alone can't make much difference but everyone together can make a big difference. We are also raising funds at the place where I work. My friends also organized fund raising events. Everyone got involved for the sake of a better tomorrow for those who lost everything.

Things seem to be getting under control and more safe, bit by bit. But I was so scared due to the radiation danger. I cancelled my ticket to Japan. I was supposed to go in the first week of April, destination Tokyo. Tokyo is quite safe now, maybe just inconvenient due to blackouts, at most. But how could I enjoy my holiday while I know there are so many people suffering, who lost everything, maybe even family members and don't have anything to eat, in the upper part of the country?? I would feel terrible and selfish and just crap. So I will wait for Japan to get itself together, which it will! i am sure, things will be better soon!

For a while I couldn't even blog, I didn't know what to write, maybe I would just overreact and say unnecessary things. And I didn't want to share things from my daily life, it wasn't the appropriate time. For the first week after the tsunami, my boyfriend kept watching the news as much as he could, as soon as he woke up, after he came from work until we went to sleep, TBS news channel was playing all the time. I felt bad, not really knowing what to say, cuz it is his country. So I imagined how I would feel if it had happen to my country, and tried to sympathize with him. Actually I felt devastated enough even not being my own country.

Anyways, I left time pass and now I feel more comfortable to go back to normal.

Please donate in any way you can. Japan need us. Let's help Japan rise.

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  1. I'm glad you're able to return a bit to normal. I know it's hard & may even feel guilt or selfish but a heavy heart can lead to so many bad things. Now it's just time to help in any little way :)