02 June 2011

oh noes...

So apparently I have anemia... And how do I know this? I haven't gone to a doctor yet. The other day me and my boyfriend were watching a TV show in which the doctor examines the patient and by checking certain aspects determines that the patient has anemia. And then my boyfriend is like "oh you are the same!" and I'm like "no waaay!". I head over to the mirror and check for myself. The inner part of my eye, you know the part which accumulates tears and (which you pull down with one finger when showing off your tongue to someone in a silly face), that skin usually is red, but mine is very white-ish. My gums are also very white-ish. Like I have a lack of blood or something.

I start reading online about it and realize I have been having every single symptom of anemia. No joke. But I think oh, it's nothing that serious, you know, just need to take some iron vitamins and that's it. The thing is that the supplements that I take already contain iron in it, but it might not be enough amount?

So yesterday, while working, I get this huge migraine. It couldn't be due to lack of water because I had drank already a 1 litre bottle of water that morning. I don't carry any pain killers with me, so there was nothing I could do except hoping the headache would go away eventually. Well, that's hope for you. It only got worse. Followed by shortness of breath and could sweats. The whole time I felt like I was heating my head hard on a wall while it was 30C... I had to ask Justin to let me go outside to get some fresh air a couple of times. I thought it was something like a panic attack. And then it hits me. This are the symptoms of anemia. My period had come just the night before, so I lost a considerable amount of blood, I guess, making the symptoms this bad. I guess I looked as bad as I felt too, cuz Justin sent me home earlier (thank god!).

When I got home my boyfriend was a sweetheart, cooked me some soup and gave me painkillers. I didn't even took shower before going to bed (which I always do religiously, no matter what) and just collapsed on my bed after taking off my makeup. I slept for 8 hours and when I woke up took a nice shower and felt so refreshed! Nothing like I had felt the night before.

My conclusion. Even though anemia isn't such a big deal, it can be very inconvenient and painful. I don't really know what to do and I don't like going to doctors... So I hope getting some strong iron and B12 vitamins will help.


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