20 July 2011



Yesterday it was my birthday. I feel much more mature since then, haha.
Last year I had a party where I Djed and had a great night! But generally, I hate celebrating my BD with a party. I only did it last year because it was together with 3 friends whose BD was also in July and they organized everything, so I was alright with it and just tagged along. That was my first party since my 12th anniversary or something. Usually I like very simple celebrations, maybe dinner out with the family and a homemade cake by my mother. Being separate from my family for 3 years now, I basically do the same thing with my bf, expect for the homemade cake, he doesn't bake.

Monday at midnight, I came out of the shower and when I got to the room my bf had prepared a nice surprise. Cake, card and 2 presents! A photography book by the person whom I most admire in this planet (Christopher Doyle) and a record of a song I love and have been dying to have (from Maria Anzai). Completed with a monkey postcard (i love monkeys, my fav animal ever)! I hadn't really asked him anything for my BD, but he got exactly the most perfect gifts!! I was so happy. I mean, I've been eyeing that book at amazon for more than a year now, but the price (£70) always made me give up. It is such a pride to own an actual Chris Doyle book! Seriously, I would have to make a whole new post to explain how much I love the man and how he had such a deep impact in my life. For now, let's just say that if it wasn't for Chris Doyle, I would never had come to the UK. Anzai Maria's record was bit less surprising, while still being surprising enough, and I wish I could DJ soon just to be able to play this song. Djing is so much fun and I haven't done it in a while now.

My parents sent me money instead of a BD present, which I guess it makes things easier for all of us, even though I insisted I didn't need a present. I bought 2 things with the money. Urban Decay's Naked Eye palette, haven't tried it yet, but I can't wait, had been reading so many good things about this. And Bvlgari's Petits et Mamans eau de toilette, which is a very nice and simple fragrance (supposed to be used between kids and moms) and smells just like baby! haha

Yesterday, the day of my actual birthday, I was working from 10am 'till midnight, so no time to celebrate, but one of the chefs was super sweet and made me a huge birthday cake! It was so nice :D I'm off on friday and already made plans for it! I want to have some pre-dinner cocktails (deciding between margarita's and matinis, though choice) and then off to my fav korean restaurant in Soho. I love korean food to death, I don't care if it doesn't sound posh or special, I just friggin' love it so much, I always feel soooooo happy after korean food, haha.

And that's it for now. I haven't got the time to blog much this week, one of my colleagues is on holiday, which means I have to work extra... But I will try to catch up with everyone's blogs.


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