18 January 2012

1 week outfits

Here are some iPhone quality snaps of what I wore for one week.

Dazzlin shirt / Topshop suede skirt / vintage cardigan

h&m border onepiece / vintage cardigan

uniqlo oversized flannel shirt / vintage oversized vest

topshop knit jumper / vintage onepiece

topshop knit jumper / h&m onepiece

vintage 60s one piece

close up of the collar detail - little houses! - so cuuute, haha

I'm trying to re-invent myself by wearing the same items in as many different ways as possible. This way I will avoid buying more and more clothes that I don't really need, and just be happy with what I got. For example, I've had that last vintage dress for almost 3 years, but only now I started wearing it on a weekly basis. Why not? I find myself digging my closet and drawers, searching for something I haven't worn for a while, and trying to wear it in a different, but still suitable, way that I haven't done before. Of course getting dressed in the morning might take a while longer than usual. So it's better to think about it the night before, haha. I'm sticking to my plan of buying clothes only once a month! But I still like fashion and to dress cute. Hope it works for a long period :)


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