18 February 2012



Lately, probably caused by the cold weather and stress, I've been having a few issues with blemishes. My nose and the area around it and my cheeks always seem flushed. My skin care routine is the same as usual, so I don't really have an explanation for this.

I decided to try different products supposed to correct this redness. Clinique has a range called "redness solutions" and I bought the liquid foundation and base. It came with two free sample items (eye cream and mascara, in the pic above). The foundation is alright, I expected more coverage though. I still need to dab concealor on some places and use powder. It helped a bit, but not really what I was looking for from a product especially made for redness... I will keep using it until I find a better replacement. The base is a sheer green that becomes colorless after blended on to the skin. I'm not sure how much it helps really, since it becomes invisible, but I will keep using it for protection sake.

The eye cream though is really nice. It's like a gel formula, it feels super soft when applied around the eyes. And it helped to bright up a tiny bit, no major difference so far, but an improvement to my Olay eye cream.

This was my first experience with Clinique and although I am not 100% disappointed, I'm not sure if I would purchase from the brand again.


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