18 January 2014

Barefoot In The Park ~ 1967

Today I've watched this darling comedy Barefoot In The Park . I just adore Jane Fonda, no surprise there, and she was enchanting in this film. She starts off by wearing a perfect baby blue swing coat with fur trims and I fell in love. The 1st and last picture were the best I could find while being too lazy to screen cap myself. All pictures were found on google, so credit to whoever produced them on the Internets. And then Jane is wearing this mustard turtle neck with brown cord high wait trousers and I feel like I will not be able to fall asleep until I reproduce the exact same combination.

Anyways, onto the film rather than the costumes, it was such a sweet and amusing story, I was laughing out loud by myself. A young couple of newlyweds facing the first complications of living together combined with family and neighbour problems, while still growing up and discovering themselves. I highly recommend it for a good laugh and eye candy, and I'm not only talking about the clothes (I look at a 31 year old Robert Redford and find myself sighing endlessly...).


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