23 January 2014

Canal 125

Freddie Knit Top - Collectif
Trousers - Pendleton deadstock from SpanoVintage
Loafers - japanese from Emoda

Last Saturday it was our friend's birthday at Canal 125. It was a great night, despite the change of venues at the last minute, full of lovely and cool 60s loving people. The music was fantastic with the regular RnB 123 DJ's, of course, and although dance floor space was limited (so many people showed up), everyone couldn't help but dance! Lovely atmosphere as always in the mod's London scene, every one's always friendly and you can't help but feeling like you can depend on the person you've just met 2 minutes ago, fantastic!

I went quite casual really, though most people dressed up for the occasion, and the picture above is from right before we went out. I got some pictures of the night but they are so dark, I don't think it is worth sharing here...


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