11 February 2014

How to decorate your house vintage style








A few 50’s interior illustrations for inspiration. I have been collecting these through time, so I haven’t got the source, just be sure credit does not belong to me. In my dreams, I would have a pink bathroom and a baby blue kitchen, a moss green living room and… I haven’t decided on the bedroom colour yet! If I had an office it would be red though.

There’s a few bits and pieces that I add to the flat where I live, a record player, a few analogue cameras, old magazines, vintage reprints, a nice lamp, etc. However, since we always live in rented places I cannot just go and paint the kitchen cabinets or buy much of my own furniture. And the time to move out and find a new nest has come once again. Our landlord is selling the place and we need to move out by the end of April. It is good news in a way that we might be able to find something better, but it is so time consuming to search for a new flat and then comes the dreadful moving day!

How wonderful it would be if we found something like a one of the pictures above for a reasonable price! Fingers crossed!!


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