23 February 2014

Photography: Japan in May part.1

All photos taken with my film camera, Konica C35, visit my flickr for more.
I have not shared photos of my last trip to Japan yet, and well, I might as well do it now. Why not? So, last May I visited Japan for the 3rd time, and it felt so natural and normal, like going back home. I still remembered all the routes and little streets, what trains to get and the right exits of the stations. The weather was lovely, sunny and warm. We first visited my bf’s grandparents house, which is this big old style Japanese house in the country side. It was so quiet there. We had walks at night and, although street lights were almost non-existent in the island, the moonlight only was enough to lit our way. It felt really peaceful.
I then made my way to big Tokyo, where I stayed with friends, went to gigs, ate a lot and spent a lot of money! Living the crazy life. I have a few more shots of Tokyo and the rest is Osaka and Kobe, which I will post some other time.
I basically only used my vintage Konica C35 during the trip and I was so glad with the results. I love shooting with film and this camera is my favourite and probably the cheapest (out of the 5 vintage film cameras I own, haha), it never lets me down and I get results even with the worst light or focus. It is light and compact, so I can carry it in my pocket, if I feel like it. I did not retouch these photos at all, except to add the watermark and round the corners, no need for any other touches, that is the beauty of film photography!


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