09 March 2014

Blues Dance

Yesterday we’ve been to Liam’s night in Bethnal Green. We go there quite often, but last night was special for me because Alan was DJing. I enjoy his music so much, I could have danced all night. I try to see him play as often as possible. I would recommend Liam’s night to anyone who enjoys good 50’s and early 60’s music, since he is one of the best collectors around nowadays. I will not put labels on the genres played, because they play so many different things, however I will say that everything played are original vinyl from the era and these guys spend little fortunes to be get their hands on obscure tunes that you never even heard off!

turtleneck & bag – Zara
belt & tights – Topshop
skirt - vintage
shoes – vintage Ferragamo
And that’s what I wore! Nothing special, simple and easy with a 60’s touch. I wanted to make my hair bigger at the back, but my bf does not like that, so I went for a very subtle bouffant.


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