19 October 2014




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Everything I’m wearing is Vintage from Etsy

Last week, after a quick stop at Hole in the Wall, we’ve been to Crossfire @229 and I actually remembered to take pictures of what I was wearing. It was a fun night and we ended up staying until 5 am, which I believe is the latest I’ve ever stayed in this venue. Lots of familiar faces dancing around. Usually we spend most of the night in the Boogaloo room (aka RnB room), but I must say this time it was below my expectations… So we ended up staying and dancing in the Soul room for most of the night. Good chance to copy some moves from the amazing Northern Soul dancers there. We are not into what we call “white” 60’s music (garage, psych, etc) so we didn’t even venture into the Beat room, not even to take a peak. It was a decent night, full of Northern Soul, but I hope they change the RnB DJ’s for next time cause that’s the type of music we enjoy the most!

Anyways, if you’re into 60’s you must go to Crossfire. Enough said.


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