25 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

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Christmas comes and goes so quickly. Every year at least one person tells me “can you believe its almost Christmas?” my answer is always YES! I wait for Christmas since beginning of November. I put up my tree around the middle of November and start watching holiday films for fun. For me it is becoming less and less a commercial season, what with being away from my family (almost 7 years now) it is easy not to feel the pressure, haha. And this year I’ve decided not to give presents to anyone except my mom and my boyfriend. We planned to spend more on food! Lovely food, drinks and sweets, yummy. Yes, I know, this is the season to give. But isn’t that what makes it a commercial waste? So unless you tell me you gave to charity, cooked food for the poor, or simply enjoyed being merry with your loved ones, I don’t believe you have really been giving this Christmas. You were probably just wrapped up in the buying spree. There is nothing wrong with buying presents, of course, so long as you do it because you think this thing you are buying will make the other person smile and feel loved. But once you do it because you have to (secret santa!) what is the point? My bf got 2 gifts from secret santa that he ended up giving to me because he does not have a sweet tooth (luckily, I do, otherwise it would go to waste…)

Anyways, I digress, I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas did enjoy it. We are enjoying it very much, just the two of us at home eating a very hot kimchi nabe every 3 hours, haha. I know it isn’t a xmas dish, but it is becoming a tradition for us, we’ve had for the past 3 years since it is my favourite food. We basically make a huge pot of nabe and have it for the 3 days, 24th till 26th, adding more bits and pieces everyday. I seriously enjoy food coma.

Today it was lovely weather and after breakfast we’ve been for a walk, seating on a bench, feeling the sunshine on our faces, just like an old couple, haha. Such small pleasures make me happier than a thousand gifts.   


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