31 January 2011

get items @ Topshop


Earlier this week I did some shopping at Topshop. God, I love that shop so much that it will ruin my economic life.

So this is what I got!

Oversized coat, black long top and baggy shirt. When I saw that coat for the first time it was love at first sight. I tried to forget about it, but I just couldn't resist. I managed to wear it already once, but then the cold came back again so I put it on the side for when Spring comes...

Couple coordinates. I really love the silhouette that the coat gives, it makes my back look straight (I have horrible posture problems -_-;) and it suits so fine. I bought it 1 size big, I am a size 6 but got this one on size 8, to give more of the oversized look, but maybe I should have bought 2 sizes up? hmm... Anyways, I really really really love it!

And a couple of close up pictures of how I look recently.

Took this one after work, on topshop's changing room, hence the tired look... Quite natural make up, just foundation, concealer, bit of blush, some eye shadow and mascara. I'm wearing circle lens (obviously), big series in black from Meigoshop.

And here I'm full make up on. Foundation, concealer, powder, etc... Except fake lashes, I never tried them before, don't know why, just feel like they're too much time consuming. Wearing a coral lipstick! Can't wait for spring/summer to come! Also contacts are GEO World in brown, again from meigoshop.

Those are the contacts that I wear on a daily basis, the Big in black are more comfortable. I got used to the Geo ones already, although by the end of the day my eyes are quite dry and reddish. The first day was the worst one, no matter how many times I put drops on them, my eyes were irritated and red. I didn't have the same problem with the Geo Wing ones though, those were pretty comfortable.

I have short eye sight so being able to wear these contacts for a whole day is an issue here.

And that is it for now!
I still need to post about my Emoda gets.
And maybe soon I will talk about make up, while I'm not an expert, I like to try many things so I want to share a bit of what I learned from some products. But no make up tutorials I promise, haha.


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