26 January 2011

Nozomi Sasaki

Good evening!

Recently I developed this little obsession for Sasaki Nozomi after watching the film "Tenshi no Koi" (aka "my rainy days").

She is absolutely stunning in this. I already knew her as a model for Pinky and now Non-no, but never gave her much credit for beauty. This was the first time I saw her acting and I thought she was good enough, definitely expecting to see more from her.

But what stunned me the most was how beautiful she is. And I am looking right now at the film's photobook and can't find a picture to express how amazing this girl is. I guess she's one of those who look better in motion. That would explain why I never paid much attention to her while reading pinky.

And her make up! Although quite natural, it's still there and looks so cute and pretty!! I want to try it sooooooo badly! So I searched and searched and found out what I believe to be an honest example of what she is wearing.

The first image is from the film's photobook, we can see lots of Anna Sui products and some MAC here and there. But that on its own would mean nothing, they could just have put the items there for the photo only, it didn't mean they actually used them. But I did notice that Anna Sui and MAC were 2 of the 3 credited brands in the film.

The other 2 scans are from Nozomi's photobook "Non"! Now here we are sure about the products ans shades, a real tutorial! Yay, haha. I don't care about the Giorgio Armani foundation, I'm very happy with my YSL one. For the eyes, it is very easy to find those shades of brown, so I will ignore the brands again and go with what I've got. Now it gets more interesting! Face she uses Tsubasa's loose powder, Nars blush (I have it!) and MAC contour (mineralize skin finish - natural medium deep, if you're wondering :P). The highlighter is Chanel, but I don't think I have ever seen it before... For the lips, candydoll lip concealer and Anna Sui's Sui lip gloss (#308). I was dying to know which lip gloss she wore in the film that made her lips look so pouty and cute, haha. I searched for reviews and it seems to be quite a nice one, with a rose scent and non sticky. I have to confess that I am always tempted to buy lip glosses and end up never using them, either cuz they are sticky or cuz they don't seem to look good with my skin tone (or make up) or cuz they are too shiny/glittery... But I have high hopes for this one, so I bought it (£16, quite expensive for a lip gloss, no?), it will be my first Anna Sui product!

I could keep posting Nozomi's pictures of her cuteness forever, haha.

On other news, it's getting really could again here in London... I'm so sick of this weather, the grey sky is making me so depressed. Everyday no sunshine... I wish for summer! A girl can only dream. So many brands are already full of new S/S season collection, I want to buy, i really do! But then it just sounds ridiculous when outside is 3ºC and I will only be able to wear the clothes in 4 months!! booo T_T

Oh, btw, Nozomi is also a bit of a role model, while being thin, she isn't totally skinny. She is almost same height as me, 168cm (I'm 169cm^^) and her weight is 50kg, hence her very nice curves ;) So I will think of her while trying to gain weight!!

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  1. this film touched my hearth
    before this film i loved nozomi (rio)but now
    i just try to judge is she good girl or bad?