24 January 2011

this is me


My name is Firipa and this is my new blog.
Don't know if anyone is going to read this or cares, but lately I started to miss having an English blog where I can write more comfortably. I am not a English native speaker, although I reside in the UK, so please overlook my mistakes. I will try to improve,one of the main reason to create this little blog.

Let me do a small introduction to what you can expect from this blog.
In this blog I plan to write honestly about my daily life, happiness and stress, interests, hobbies, obsessions, hates, etc... But mainly it will all go around Japanese culture as I've been heavily into it for more than 10 years already. Now you may call me japanese wannabe or whatever, but It's really interesting actually, I never thought of myself as a japanese wannabe, I just got into Japan and it evolved from there to several different aspects of it's culture. I went from "otaku", to music lover, to drama addict and finally fashion inspired. I don't know, I am not trying to be japanese, despite wearing japanese brands, watching japanese tv shows, having a japanese boyfriend, working in a japanese restaurant and DJing japanese music... wait, it didn't sound quite right, did it? :P now, seriously, I am not. I just like the style and whatnot. If I was really into american culture, fashion, music, tv, would anyone call me an american wannabe?? Thought so. So let's get this point out of the way and move on :)

Sooooo, yeah, I live in the big city which is London. Almost 3 years now!! An eternity, haha.
My days are spent at work, I work a lot but I will start cutting on the hours starting from next week, so hopefully I will have more time for this blog.
I have a japanese blog on ameba, which I mainly use to post outfits pictures and follow other peoples blogs. My japanese fails, so many times I don't post what I've been up to or stuff I find interesting, which sucks. And that's what this blog is for!

ok ok, too long introduction and I haven't said much of value.
things to expect here:

1. outfit pictures
2. information about my favorite brands
3. pictures and videos that inspire me
4. random ramblings about my life

Things that I like about Japan:

- Gyaru fashion, particularly Emoda
- Ena Matsumoto, she's my muse
- 70's & 80's music, I collect vinyl records
- dramas, I watch loads
- films, I do love them
- photography
- make up
- Masami Nagasawa, do love her

Justificar completamente
I guess that's it. If anyone reads this, thank you for reading, if not, I will still enjoy writing my soul out, ahahaha.

Until my next post!


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