02 February 2011

get items @ EMODA


In the beginning of the sales season in Emoda I got 3 items! I used a new shopping service, Japonica Market, that seems less expensive than others and had good reviews. Well, I have a few complaints... With other shopping services I used to purchase goods from Japan it seems that the usual time to dispatch the goods from the shop to the buyer's home in Tokyo its about 3 days. I know its sales and after new year's so the mail might be slower than usual, so 1 week passed until I got news that my items had arrived to their office. I paid the shipping cost on the same day they sent me the invoice. 8 days passed and no sign of my items. I chose EMS shipping, which is super fast and always takes less than 5 days (usually 4) from Japan to London, so I grew a bit concerned. I emailed them asking for the tracking number and was very surprised when they replied me that they didn't notice I paid cuz they didn't receive the paypal email confirmation... So my package was still in Tokyo... Well, they shipped it on the same day and I got it after 4 days. So all in all it was a process that took from the 3rd of Jan to the 24th of Jan. Way too long if you ask me! But I want to believe it was just my bad luck, because I read lots of reviews and no one complained about it. It was just one of those things that happen, I guess...

Anyways, here's what I bought!

The thing I love about Emoda clothes is the quality of the fabric! They're always so soft and comfortable! I always want to wear them everyday. So what's better than being fashionable and comfortable? I love it. So in total right now I own 5 Emoda tops, 1 coat and 1 hat. I wish I could afford more, seriously.

I have so many things I want to blog about, it's ridiculous! XD
But right now I am going to take a nice hot bath, before my honey gets home for dinner.
I will probably blog again later!


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