28 February 2011



Just realized it's been the longest time since my last entry, but I didn't feel like it has been that long at all... I've been so busy at work and then there was a fashion show and my friend's leaving back to Japan. This weekend I was finally able to rest and sleep as long as I want. I haven't even had a day off together with my boyfriend for like 3 weeks already... Of course we live together and all, but it makes me miss him -_-;

OK, so the runway channel has been promoting this JJ competion called Osha-P (short for oshare-p, which means stylish/fashionable person). From what I could understand, the winner will be able to participate in a fashion show and have her own brand debut! Sounds really big, no?

Here are 3 videos.

I love that Ena Matsumoto is there giving her point of view, since she is the best example of a osha-p! haha

I always thought her charm works better on video than on pics, so I just fell in love with her again after watching these XD It's been a bit boring to check her blog lately...

The girls are so cute! And I must say I absolutely agree with the chosen 3.

You can check more on the Osha-P website.


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