05 February 2011

Retro Girly

Hello hello~

Seems that for SS 2011 retro girly is going to be big! Titty&Co have really cute things! I know I am an Emoda and mode devotee, but seeing Titty&Co and Dazzlin's new collections my heart melt with "awww that's sooooo cute!".

Especially I've been loving Rumikon's (dazzlin's designer) blog. She posts the cutest coordinates ever!! And it looks so simple to achieve! And that's what I'm here to share, hehe.

All pictures from Rumi-kon.


  1. Oh this is torture! I was on Dazzlin's site yesterday just drooling. You're so lucky to be going in Spring to Japan you can get the lovely warm weather clothes then!

  2. i know! if only i was rich XD hahaha