27 April 2011

Back from Tokyo


I'm back from my holiday in Tokyo!
Let me just say it was absolutely amazing. I didn't expect I was going to have as much fun as I did, seriously! I loved it, I enjoyed as much as I could. Lots of meeting friends, lots of different Izakaya and lots of shopping! I had to get a bigger suitcase in Japan because I did not have enough space to store everything I bought, haha XD

First 2 weeks I stayed at a friends place, 10 minutes walk from Harajuku!! It was freaking amazing, as I could walk to haraujuku, shibuya and shinjuku without having to pay for transportation. And so, for the first 2 weeks I only spent like, 1500 yen on my pasmo pass card.
I loved, loved, loved it! I felt like I was actually living in Japan, you know? I could walk my way anywhere and do shopping, meet friends, have some food and drinks and come back home without caring about having to catch the last train. Awesome!

The last week I stayed at another friend's house in Kugayama, quite close to Kichijoji. It was nice and quite, and in there I finally experience the having to catch the last train thing, which was always packed!

I will post some photos later, but I just want to say that after I came back I had Jet lag for the first time in my life. I felt so horribly lifeless, no energy, no strenght to do anything and sleepy all the time. Yesterday I took a nap for 4 hours and I think I just slept another 9 hours. But this morning I feel great! I feel like I want to get things done, finish unpacking, do some laundry, have a nice bath! For now I will just make some breakfast XD


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