16 May 2011

SALES: Emoda, WC, Co&Lu

Hello hello!

Welcome to my sales post!

I have some Japanese brand items for sale. They are used, but in very good condition!

Price includes cost + shipping.
I accept paypal only and payment must be made in British Pound currency (£).


brand: Emoda

color: White

size: Free

price: £30

condition: used, as new


brand: WC

color: White/Red

size: Free

price: £25

condition: used only once, like new

brand: WC

color: Black

size: Free

price: £50

condition: used a couple of times, as new

brand: Cocolulu

color: Pink

size: M

price: £35

condition: used, slightly worn at the bottom, not noticeble

If you are interested or have any question about the items please leave a comment.

Thanks for looking!


  1. do u ship internationally (i.e. to Canada)? if so, i'm interested in the WC shirt :)

  2. Yes, I ship internationally :)

    if you wish registrate mail which requires your signature when it arrives, it will be a different price, but if you are fine with normal mail, the price is £25 GBP.

    you can send the payment via paypal to:

    and don't forget the payment must be made in British Pounds, please :)

    Thank you!

  3. hey, I'd like to buy the EMODA white top!
    (i live in Kent, in the UK btw) so how much should i send to your paypal? xx

  4. Hi!!! How Much is shipping to Puerto Rico for the WC shirt? XD

  5. how much more is registered mail?
    please hold it for me :) i'll send the payment later today~~ thanks!

  6. >>jasmine du rocher
    the price already includes shipping costs, so for the emoda top it's £30 :)

    >>milk tea girl
    I'm not sure how much for registered mail, but I would guess at least £5 more. But you can pay me that extra cost after I post it.

    >> dear anonymous,
    right now the WC tshirt is on hold for someone who came first, sorry.

  7. ok ill send 30 pound to your paypal :)
    if you need to contact me, email me at iamtheglamtrash@hotmail.co.uk

    im pretty sure my home address is attached to my paypal, but if not, just email :)

  8. hi, how much is shipping to the U.S for the Cocolulu overalls??

  9. cocolulu overalls price + shipping = £35

  10. ah it's okay :) normal mail is fine then
    i've just sent you the payment through paypal
    it should have my address on it - if not or if you've any questions, feel free to email me at gomubear@hotmail.com
    thanks <3!!