21 June 2011

concert day


(Topshop cardi, tshirt, tights / Minkpink shorts / Dr Martens boots)

So yesterday I went to the SHINee's concert here in London. I was soooooo surprised by the amount of girls outside the studios! They were also so energetic always screaming for shinee, holding up posters and stuff they had made. It was truly amazing, I had no idea they had so many fans in the UK.

A couple of girls who won tickets to the concert where actually from the north of the UK!! And they came all the way to London just to see SHINee. Can you believe it?!
The audience wasn't very big. There were some Japanese fans who won tickets and came all the way from Japan to see the band. I think in total, fans who won tickets, were about 20. The rest were all japanese and korean press, wearing suits and everything.

Then the show started and the 4 boys came on stage. Wait, four?! Where's the 5th one, right? Apparently he was sick with high fever and could not perform. He also just happened to be my favorite, what a luck... poor guy. Such an unique event for an oriental boyband in London and he gets sick... I felt much more sorry for Taemin actually, because he had to deal with singing all the other guy's parts. Poor Taemin, he looked so nervous. He got the micro tangled up inside his vest while dancing the first or second song, can't remember anymore. And then when Minho passed him a cup of water later on, Taemin's hands were shaking so much as he grabbed it and passed it to the next guy (yes, they shared all the same plastic cup... lol). I really felt for him. The other guys looked a bit nervous, but nothing big when compared to Taemin.

The show was nice, the stage was quite small, so we could see them REALLY close. I got really excited after it started! And I was bouncing around and clapping and trying to sing in korean (which I fail at, but I guess no one could hear me, hahaha). It was really nice. Since we were such a small audience I thought we would be able to even touch them, just handshake or something, but no. T^T

The band members were cute, in a "you are younger than me" kind of cute. They played 5 or 6 songs in total. And surprise! For the last one, their Japanese debut single "replay", Jonghyun (the sick one) came on stage to sing! YAY! I was really happy. He didn't look very good, but he sang wonderfully! I wish he had performed the whole show... He is definitely the best voice in the group. I really liked that last song, their Japanese was cute, they need to work on it, haha. Then the show was over. It was so quick, I wanted more! But the poor boys were sweating like crazy from all the dancing, they did their best. At the exit we were given a badge which was actually a playbutton with their "replay" song! Nice surprise!

Unfortunetely we were not allowed to tak pictures inside...


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