19 June 2011

K-pop concert

Just a quick update to inform that I shall be going to SHINee's concert tomorrow!

Apparently it is an exclusive concert mainly to the press and some lucky fans who won a couple of tickets, in honor of their Japanese debut. A friend of mine, who works for Elle girl Japan, got tickets and invited me to go with her. I was really excited, because the live will be at the Abbey Road Studios, in quite a small stage, so I will be able to see them really close, hahaha

Ok, while not the biggest fan, I am seriously excited by seeing a K-pop band live for the very first time! It will be a great experience for someone like me, who's an oldschool kpop fan. Besides, I am sure the boys have serious entertaining dance moves XD

I've been listening to their songs all week long!! My colleagues were going crazy with all the "ring ding dong" going around, LOL.

I've been quite busy suddenly, and still have so many things to blog about and so little time :(
Hopefully I will have some time tomorrow evening to write about the concert and post some pictures (if I can snap some with my iPhone =P)


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