08 July 2011

touchMe AW11

Jouetie "Bright UK" (lol)
What a surprised from Jouetie! I can see myself wearing almost every outfit on a daily basis. It suits me perfectly.

Mercuryduo "Romantic Retro"
Such a cute collection! What you can always expect from Japanese fashion. Love so many things, but it is a style I can never achieve, no matter how simple it might be, I don't think it suits me much. But still adorable!! Envy many girls who can pull it off so naturally.

Check that youtube account to watch the other collections for this Autumn/Winter from Emoda, Murua, etc... I quite liked a few pieces from the Emoda collection, but I thought all the coats were horrible. Murua was unbearable, to be honest, I could not stand watching it to the end. Some things were alright, but put it on the average person and it fails. Dazzlin too, couldn't stand it, was very very disapointing. First of all, the music was super annoying and the outfits were blah :P Too colorful? But I liked the models atitude, haha. Gyda was way over the top with punk, no?


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