20 November 2013

Honey, I'm home...

To think that my last post on this blog was on April Fool's day, one year and half ago, ha! I'm surprised to look at the stats and find out people still end up here one way or another! It is just amazing after such a long time of me being in silence.

I came back here 2 days ago, when I had to log into Blogger to post a comment on some one's blog. I saw my profile picture posted next to my comment, clicked on it, and followed to this forgotten blog. I thought that picture had been taken one year ago, but it just happens it was 2 years ago. Time flies, I didn't even realized it had been that long. Sure, things around me are different. I have a different job, I live in a different house, I dress differently, my hair is different... But I only realized how much these statements were true after going back on my posts. And while I was strolling through memory lane, I also realized I missed this blog. It is such a good record of myself, of the person I was at that particular time in my life. And to be honest, I felt good about me and I am glad I can go back and relive those moments through this blog. I felt that blogging is not a waste of time or just a narcissistic way of pampering ourselves. It is a photo album, it is a written record, it is a little box full of our past lives.

So, instead of creating another blog, I've decided to keep this one. This is who I am. That was me 2 years ago and this is me now. It is different, but it is all me. I accept it and don't mind other people looking into that. I am not writing for someone else. I am writing this for myself. Maybe someday I will show it to my kids and say "look that was mommy".

Let's see how this new attempt at blogging goes. 

I think I most definitely should change that header picture though.


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