13 January 2014

2013 outfits in iPhone pictures

 photo 01-1.jpg

 photo 02-1.jpg

 photo 04.jpg

 photo 051-1.jpg

 photo 052-1.jpg

 photo 061-1.jpg

 photo 062-1.jpg

 photo 06.jpg

 photo 070.jpg

 photo 071.jpg

 photo 72.jpg

 photo 08.jpg

 photo 101.jpg

 photo 10.jpg

 photo 11.jpg

 photo 120.jpg

 photo 121.jpg

2013 Was a good a year and many things happened so fast. I visited Paris, Rome and Japan (my 3rd time! hurray!). I moved houses. I changed jobs. I got my hair cut short. I keep buying more and more vintage. I started blogging again almost at the end. 2013 was really rather fast for me. Or maybe I was just too busy to notice the months gone by. I had fun, thank you. Let's make 2014 even better!


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