09 January 2014

Juniors - 1954 Autumn/Winter magazine

 photo Juniors1954Sept.jpg
 photo Juniors1954Sept001.jpg
 photo Juniors1954Sept2001.jpg
 photo Juniors1954Sept3001.jpg
 photo Juniors1954Sept4001.jpg
 photo Juniors1954Sept5001.jpg
 photo Juniors1954Sept6001.jpg
 photo Juniors1954Sept7001.jpg
 photo Juniors1954Sept8001.jpg

Scans of the 1954 French magazine Juniors. This is the Autmn/Winter edition, which is quite relevant for January! I love how simple and pretty the hair styles are and I wish I had all the outfits (of course).

Oh! And happy new year!


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