28 January 2014

Masami Nagasawa "More" Jan scans

Scans from the January issue of the Japanese magazine "More" featuring Masami Nagasawa. Anyone who used to visit my blog a couple of years ago will know how much I love this girl. In case you don't know yet, let me tell you, I love her to pieces. I really do. At times it is more of a sort of obsession and every day I live on Masami. Other times it is more like a secret love sleeping quietly, until the obsession strikes again. Why? I can't really explain it myself, I guess she's just my type. I can't think of anyone cuter than Masami. My little brain seriously thinks she's the cutest person ever and I go on about to all my friends for hours and every one gets sick of listening to me, especially because most of them don't share my opinion! Ha! 

I'll admit this shoot isn't one of her best, but I love it all the same because I'm that biased!


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