01 February 2014

vintage books: The Dud Avocado (1958)

I will try to follow this like a series of vintage book reviews (anything before the 70s) as I think it is an interesting and real aspect of the culture of the time. I don't know how often I will be able to keep this series, but I will definitely give it a good try!

The Dud Avocado is a delightful book that I wish I had read earlier in my life. It is the fun story of Sally Jay, coming of age American girl who moves to Paris for 2 years to live la vie en rose. It is loosely based on the author's life, Elaine Dundy, and I wish to read her two other books (if only I could manage to get my claws on them). Sally Jay is not a character, she became my friend, telling me all her adventures, successes and disasters included. I did wish I could keep on reading it for longer, I didn't want to depart from her stories! 

I love it for a book written in the 50's to discuss female sexual desires and casual relationships from a woman's point of view, not only the lovey-dovey or tragedy stories. Elaine Dundy certainly was ahead of her times, or we just don't have too many examples like her still reaching out to us after 50 years. 

I would recommend this book to anyone wishing for a bit of fun! And if you've been to Paris is even better because you can relate to the places mentioned and have a great big image of the scenes in your head.


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