03 January 2015

Happy New Year

masami dancing

2015! Welcome!
Last year was a good one, I do not have anything negative to point out. I made friends with really nice colleagues, I travelled more than expected, I had some good and relaxing times, I enjoyed myself. Since a few years back I have been working on improving myself and my life. I feel that I have been slowly but surely making progress and each year it gets better. I am happy with my life, I love and I feel loved. I am lucky to be pampered and loved so much, actually, I might become spoiled. I am content with what I am and what I have. Of course, temptation is everywhere and no one is immune to two little green bugs called envy and greed, but this is something I am always aware of so that I can kill it from the root!
I have no expectations for this year, I will only keep nice thoughts and they’ll guide me through.

“The sun is shining – the sun is shining. That is the Magic. The flowers are growing – the roots are stirring. That is the Magic. Being alive is the Magic – being strong is the Magic. The Magic is in me – the Magic is in me. It is in me – it is in me. It’s in everyone of us.”
From The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.


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