31 July 2011

Victoria's Secret shimmer mist


The lovely Jenny (from sushi-cat) sent me this VS body shimmer mist, Pure Seduction, as a thank you for the blushes I sent her a while back. She's the nicest person, and gorgeous in every aspect, seriously when I grow up I want to be like her!! haha

I have a couple body mists from Body Shop, but this is actually my very first Victoria's Secret item :O! First thing to mention, my bf loves it! I've used it a couple times already and each time he keeps telling me how much he likes it, lol. It has a very pleasant summer-ish scent, something like fruits. The main notes are melon, plum and freesia. It's very fresh and sweet, but not too sweet! just the right amount. I'm really loving it and I think I will use it all summer long. Plus, like the name says, it has a cute shimmer, nothing too show off, very subtle but still noticeable. I'm sooooo happy with this body mist!!

I can totally understand why Jenny is so addicted to these and collects so many :3 Now she left me with too much curiosity to try more! haha


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