01 August 2011

loving ena...


Why is Ena Matsumoto so beautiful? It's been a year now since I started my crush on her. Usually I just get tired, bored or find someone else to "stalk". I could make a list of all of them. Even though I do not always agree with Ena's hair/style/makeup, I still find myself following this person on a daily basis. And aspiring to something that I don't even know what it is. The life style maybe? The constant changes that keep us entertained and wondering whats coming next? So I was thinking, maybe this is it, I finally found my "muse". The celebrity that, for some misterious link, you will always love and follow?

I dare even to say that I used to think I loved Emoda for the clothes, but the truth is that I loved Emoda because Ena wears it! Its the sad truth. Finally I admit it to myself, so I don't feel the need to spend loads of money on Emoda clothes anymore. Of course if I lived in Japan that would be a different story, but leaving in another country, we all know how much it costs us to get the goods.

Anyways, at the moment Im loving Ena's fringe, shabby chic, haha. She looks gorgeous! I can't wait to get my hands on Ena's Secret :3


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