12 February 2012

winter Yesstyle get items and new shoes



These are my get items from December and January. Since I am on a savings plan, Yesstyle's winter sale was really usefull. The clothes I got are nice quality and comfy for this cold weather, plus super cheap and cute! The only down side of Yesstyle is how long they take to actually ship the items... Last time even though I chose only "ready to ship" items, it took them 2 weeks to finally send it to me. The previous one took 1 month and only then did they inform me that 2 of the items I had chosen were sold out (after I had purchased them!) and I got a refund. Its a bit annoying to by stuff from Yesstyle, to be honest, but it's worth it because of the price and cute things. I've been buying from them for the past 5 years and its always the same with every order, so I don't expect much anymore, haha.

The little boots are from Topshop, they're very comfy and warm for winter. But since its suede, I can't wear them in the snow or rain.

We got some snow last week. I come from a city where it never snows, so I'm still amazed every time I see snow, haha. I've been given night shifts for 3 weeks, so my life as been insane, I feel like I don't have time for anything. I get home late, near 1am, go to sleep at 2am, sleep until noon, wake up and get shower, eat something, check my email and leave for work again. I don't like this kind of life. I like to wake up early, go to work, come back and do stuff, make dinner, take shower and go to sleep. I know I have the same amount of time to spend at home, but I can't seem to make a good use of it. I don't fit this kind of schedule. So I requested not to be given more than 3 night shifts anymore... I feel out of balance.

On a more healthy side, I've been eating loads of Oden and Nabe, so soothing for this cold weather. It's been an average of -3/-4 at night here in London and I'm not really used to it.

Hopefully I will go back to a more balanced schedule and find more time to blog, I have so much to say! haha


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